Zip Lining

It’s your time to FLY! Take a ride on our 700-foot zipline through the trees and to our treehouse!

Arts and crafts

Get creative in the Art Cabin! Follow along with the Art Director in one of our interactive art sessions, or color outside the lines and pick your own!

Talent Show

It's your time to shine! Show up and show out at our talent show! No talent is too small and no stage props too big! 

Horseback Riding

Saddle up! MedCamps is proud to partner with the OWL center to provide a horse riding activity with therapy horses. 

Archery and Paintball

Our state-of-the-art archery and paintball range is waiting for you to hit some targets! Fire paintballs at our uniquely designed propellers or take aim at our ancient dinosaur targets!


Calling all Singers! We invite you to grab a mic and have your moment in the spotlight! 


Set sail on our lake with all your new camp friends! Pick from our traditional boats like canoes and paddle boats or try something new with our Corcl and Wigwags!


Bait those hooks and cast those lines! Fish on our beautiful lake stocked to the max with fish!


Put on your best and join us for our end-of-camp dance! 

Experience MedCamps

We believe that all people, regardless of medical or special needs, deserve to experience life to the fullest. Camping is an American tradition that epitomizes normalcy and provides participants with a sense of well-being, belonging, accomplishment and self-worth.